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2022/2023 SEASON


                                      Blackadder II

                               by Richard Curtis & Ben Elton

                        Tuesday 4th – Saturday 8th October 2022

                         Directed by Howard Ball & Robin Jackson         



                             Blood Brothers (the play)

                                         by Willy Russell

                          Tuesday 7th – Saturday 11th February 2023

                                 Directed by Louise Colohan



                             And then there were none

                                      by Dame Agatha Christie

                            Tuesday 13th - Saturday 17th June 2023

                                      Directed by Will Vickers




CW12 1DP

                                  OUR NEXT PLAY                        AND THEN THERE WERE NONE

                       13th-17th June 2023

"And Then There Were None” is Agatha Christie’s dramatic adaptation of her best-selling novel. A group of ten people gather at the mansion on Soldier Island, just off the coast of Devon. They are invited under a variety of pretences: for employment, for a detective case, or just for a good time. Before the party truly gets under way, a recording plays that accuses each guest of murder. Baffled, these strangers realise that they have no idea who their host is, and when the first guest is murdered, they begin to understand that they have been brought to the island by a maniac.

Tuesday June 13th to Saturday June 17th

The play is being directed by William Vickers.

                                         THE CAST


Vera Claythorne - Alice Maddocks

Philip Lombard - Matt Butler

William Blore - Dan Wood

Dr. Armstrong - Peter Clark

Sir Lawrence Wargrave - Robin Jackson

Emily Brent - Claire Morris

Rogers - Miles Cooke

General Mackenzie - Mike Clowes

Mrs Rogers - Crystal Holford

Antony Marston - Lewis Robinson

Fred Narracott - Jake McCaddon